Casa Colturi

"Saon de baita"! Homemade soap!

Casa Colturi Bormio, in addition to staying, we also have agriculture 4.0.

At Casa Colturi we didn’t even stop in quarantine!
Casa Colturi bees have produced a very good dandelion honey,
the hens continued to donate fresh eggs every morning,
the flowering of blueberry plants is excellent and a good harvest is also assumed.
And finally, in order not to miss anything, having a little lard available, we decided to continue with the tradition of producing excellent homemade soap.
Little is needed:
-sodium hydroxide
– rock alum
– Greek pitch
We also tried to perfume it with the taste of sage, mint, taneda …
And what would you have perfumed it with?
You too can try to carry on this nice tradition … Why not? Mandateci il risultato su @casa_colturisul nostro Instagram, e TAGGATECI!